Best Games That Can Help Students To Increase Reading Skills

Most students are unable to read fluently and effortlessly. Most students try to figure out a word which shows that student has enough reading skills and it also shows that student is unable to understand the meaning of hidden words. Having good reading skills requires a lot of effort and hardworking. If a student is unable to read a book fluently then he will not write it clearly. Most teachers are worried about the poor reading skills of their students. Let’s discuss best games that can help students to increase reading skills.

Find Rhyming Words

If a student has proper information about rhyming words then he will be able to read fluently. Therefore, finding rhyme words is best game. Game is most useful and interesting way of learning. Nowadays, the ways and method of learning are completely changed. Students don’t learn a lot of things from reading books. If we want to learn new things then we will do them. So, the same problem is with children, because, they want to do everything practically in order to learn it. So, finding words is an interesting game in which students will find different words as well as sounds. This game will be played by the group. For example, if you are four friends then you should search one word by one friend. For example, you will find the word” PLAN”. Now each friend should find one alphabet in the book. If you will play this game then you will be able to find words and know about them. Finding words will increase your level of reading and you will be able to read any book fluently. 

Read alternate lines of the story aloud

If your students are unable to read fluently then you should play this amazing game in which student will read the one line of the story. This game is also very interesting; therefore, you should collect some storybooks. As we know that students feel interested in reading stories. You should divide storybooks in the class and ask children to read it loudly. Most students are unable to read loudly and especially in the classroom, because, these students are lack of confidence. Being confident is very good but overconfidence is very bad. Therefore, you should increase confidence level in your children in order to encourage them to get success in life. This is most important and beneficial game that you must try in your classroom.

Spot the wrong spelling

Learning spellings is most important not on writing correct spellings. Most students lose their grades, because, they use wrong spellings. Reading and learning to spell is very difficult, however, it is very easy process through playing game. You should write some words and in the centre leave someplace in order to give it perfect look. Ask the students to fill the empty places and give them prices for putting the right words. This is interesting game that can increase the memory level of the students and students will be able to read without any reluctant. Adding spellings into the right place will offer the sense of making decisions and students will be able to put right answer in the final exams. This is most useful and beneficial game that you must try in order to improve reading skills.

Writing Their Favorite Song

If a student is skilled to write all the words then it is sure that he will be able to read it. The best way to improving reading and writing skills is playing a game. Writing favorite song and singing it in the class is very famous and outstanding game. You should try this game with your students and then ordered them to sing their favourite line in the class. In this way, students will be able to read fluently and effortlessly.


Another most useful and beneficial game is scrubbing. Through the scrabbling game, a student will not increase his reading skills; indeed, a student will be able to increase his vocabulary. Having a good vocabulary is most important for the students because students will use this vocabulary in the exams and they can get high grades in the final exams. You should play this game in which student will write some words on the card and his friend will read it in the class. You must ask the student to join some words in order to make a complete sentence. In this way, student will improve his grammar.

To conclude, I would like to suggest that you should play educational games with your students in order to increase their reading, writing and speaking level. Contact with Dissertation Writing Services to get more useful tips.

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