9 Effective Strategies for Failing Students

Failure is creating lots of mental and psychological problems among the students. There are lots of causes of failures of the students. Some main causes of failures of the students are that they are not able to prepare themselves for exams, lack of focus on the studies, they are not able to manage their time, they are not able to show preserve, they don’t have enough confidence to pass the exams and due to the lack of critical thinking capabilities etc. Experts of academic writing students are working for improving the grades of the students.

Some essential strategies for failing students are explained below;

1) Involve the parents

As a teacher, if you feel that your student is not performing well, it is necessary for you to involve their parents immediately without wasting your time. Its reason is that the ultimate responsibility of educating the children is their parents, not their teachers. When you inform them and explain his/her failing causes, it will be easy for you to get a specific idea to deal with this specific student

2) Intentionally help the students

It is a fact that your failing students require more attention than other students. Therefore, you should try to intentionally provide help to these students in the class. For example, if you have assigned some problems in the class, you should move towards the failing students and try to provide your personal assistance for the solution of these problems. 

3) Encourage them

Most of the teachers just try to encourage their shiny students and they don’t pay enough attention to the average or failing students. This is the wrong strategy. They should also try to encourage their failing students too. For this reason, we should try to encourage the failing students even if they are involving themselves in small learning activities. This thing will boost up their confidence and in the future, there is a possibility that they will show better results. 

4) Provide an opportunity for self-reflection

You can also improve the performance of the failing students just by providing them with an opportunity for self-reflection. For this reason, you just need to walk to your students and provide them with a short questionnaire. On this questionnaire, you should ask them to write why they are failing and how they can improve their performance. 

5) Ask how you can help

Most of the teachers don’t adopt this strategy. According to this strategy, you should consider that you are a failing student and how your teacher is helpful to you. No doubt, this is an awkward strategy but by knowing the answer to this question, you will be in a better position to solve the possible problems to the failing students. 

6) Look for underlying problems

It is a fact that if you are going to provide assistance to your failing students without getting an idea about the root problem, you will never be able to get success. Therefore, if you want to get an idea about the root problem, you should try to get answers to some specific questions like do they have a genuine learning disability, do they need glasses, do they face some problems at the home and do they involve in other activities. After getting possible answers to these questions, you will be able to get an idea about the root problem and you will be in a better position in getting the best solution to this problem.

7) Require them to complete classwork

It is a fact that as a teacher, we have to assign class work to all the students but all the students are not able to complete their classwork within a given interval of time. Its reason is that shiny students can do their classwork immediately and dull students require more time for the completion of their classwork. Therefore, we should try to provide them with some extra time.

8) Don’t give up on them

Sometimes, there is also a possibility that we get enough trust in our students and we feel that they are working well. As a result, we don’t pay attention to their results for months. This is the wrong strategy. We should try to pay attention to the results of our students on a daily basis and try to provide suggestions for their improvements on a daily basis. 

9) Provide them extra time

When all the strategies are failed and you are unable to improve their performance by working with them in the class, you should try to provide them some extra time. In this extra time, you can work on their weak points. 

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