How to Write a Personal Statement?

Write a Personal Statement
A personal statement is a crucial part of university applications. It gives students a chance to show what makes them unique, besides your name and qualifications. In a given number of words, students have to convince their chosen university that they are the best applicant and that they should make accept them immediately. Within these 4,000 characters, the students have their only chance; thus, they need to make sure their personal statement is really good and impressive. Recommended by an assignment writing firm, it is important to know that a personal statement not only mentions your qualifications for a position or degree program but it also highlights your skills and goals in the most efficient manner.

Students must break the task of writing a personal statement into small, manageable steps that can help them convey the right message to the right people. While the introduction, body, and conclusion sections should be in the right order, the students are free to express their thoughts and ideas as best as they want to and achieve their goals. A well-written personal statement can give provide a competitive advantage over other candidates and help in securing a college placement.

What Is A Personal Statement All About?

A personal statement can be rightly defined as an account of students’ achievements, talents, interests, and goals often included in college or university applications or on resumes. While personal statements for university and jobs have similar content, university personal statements are usually longer and more detailed as they help the authorities determine a candidate on the basis of their talents. University personal statements are typically three or four paragraphs.

When used for job applications and resumes, these statements are generally a single paragraph. Employers and universities may have their own requirements, which makes it very necessary for students to adhere to any instructions or guidelines that have been provided for writing the statement. This article is a guide for students and helps them come up with a highly impressive personal statement to meet their goals most efficiently.

Come Up With A Draft Without A Word Count

Starting with the first draft without keeping in mind the word count is the best way, to begin with, a personal statement. After everything they have in mind has been transferred on the paper, they can edit and compress it. It is far easier than inserting more ideas than trying to keep it under the given word limit. By the time they are done editing and proofreading the content, the final version will be ready with the perfect word count.

Do Not Rush

Do Not Rush
The personal statement is nothing that should be rushed. A good personal statement does not get ready in a few hours or even a couple of days. It may take more than a month for some students to come up with a version that they are happy with, the one that conveys everything in a nutshell. Taking a break and getting back to what they are doing is also a good idea and helps to see things from a broader perspective.

Search For The Perfect Words And Expressions

The correct use of words and expressions can play a crucial role in writing an impressive personal statement. It sounds more professional and elegant when appropriate words are used, such as using accomplish instead of doing and presuming in place of thinking. Students who are not native English speakers may face problems as this is not their first language but there are some very user-friendly and efficient translation and synonym apps and websites that can help them in this regard.

Too many fancy words should be avoided, as instead of a personal statement, it seems more like a press release, but the right use of words and expressions cannot be denied. Students must go through sample personal statements to know more about writing their own.

Focus On Strengths And Positives

Focusing on strengths and positives can help students come up with a personal statement that truly reflects who they are. They must understand that this personal statement will help them sell themselves to the college or university where they are applying. A personal statement must convey their experiences, knowledge, and future plans that allow the relevant authorities to make decisions that work in their favor.

Use The Perfect Opening Statement

A perfect opening statement can uplift the personal statement and make it more memorable. The reader will be tempted to go through the entire thing instead of leaving it after going through the initial paragraphs. It is only with the help of a personal statement that students can convince the university or college authorities to make up their minds and grant them admission. Using the right ideas and presenting them accurately is very important.

Make It Sound Personal

Make It Sound Personal
What many students fail to focus on is that a personal statement is ‘personal’. Thus, it should carry ideas, thoughts, and experiences that are theirs and not copied or taken from other personal statements. They can go through similar content to get an indication of how it is written, but they should not copy ideas or patterns as it will not help them. Instead, they will get stuck if they try to do something that does not belong to them and end up wasting time and effort.

Ask Someone To Read It

Asking someone else from an assignment writing service UK to read the personal statement can help to get honest reviews and even critical evaluation. It can be anyone; parents, teachers, and friends. The more people go through it, the more feedback they will give and the better the final version will be. It is important to remember that not every piece of advice can be followed, but listening to what people have to say can make a big difference and provide valuable insights on how to improve it.

Writing a personal statement is a big job. College and university admissions depend on how well the students present themselves and how they convince the admission committee to give them a chance to prove their skills and talent and do something good.

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